In my final research paper, I analyze a meme of the celebrity chef Paula Deen riding a hotdog through a Dadaist lens. Looking at memes as a resurgence of Dadaism allows viewers to recognize the artistic value in a meme. I decided to create my own take on the Paula Deen riding things movement. Naturally, I imposed the original images of Paula Deen riding celebrity chef Robert Irvine onto images relevant to the Humanities course. I call it the “Paula Deen the Humester” series. In placing Deen into these images, I created an absurd, unnatural aesthetic and attempted to evoke shock and surprise. My reappropriation of both the image of Deen and the images from Humes created new, abstract pieces. The pure absurdity of my “Paula Deen the Humester” series presents a revolutionary and abstract interpretation of the course. The series creates room for finding humor in different moments throughout the year. Although we studied quite dark and controversial topics, some moments provoked laughter—such as Professor Robb mentioning he doesn’t like grapefruits, Professor Denham making TikToks, and Professor Ewington presenting some Tweets. I saught to bring out this humor with my series and argue that my series is a work of art.