Ian, Olivia, Virginia and Emily, “Las Meninas,” 2020

Inspired by Professor Munger, some humesters and I decided to recreate a famous work of art. After much debate over which piece to recreate, we decided on Deigo Veláquez’s Las Meninas. We each chose a character in the painting to dress up as using clothes and props found in our houses. Such objects included prom dresses, sheets, tin foil, dogs, twigs, and garbage bags. To imitate the midget on the right, I layered a shirt with puffy sleeves under my junior-year prom dress. I used a lacey napkin to create the collar and put pillows under my dress to make the skirt bigger. For the young boy on the right, I broke out my old softball pants and socks and wore one of my old homecoming dresses. Again, I used napkins for the collar and cuffs. After individually dressing up, we sent our pictures to Ian who helped impose them onto Veláquez’s original painting. We all enjoyed working together, and we are very pleased with the outcome. Maybe it even has the potential to go viral.

Deigo Veláquez, “Las Meninas,” 1656