To my dear humesters, professors, and other visitors,

Placing a pin onto the map of college decisions outside the college counselors’ office

I am Emily Ezell, and welcome to my Humanities 103 – 104 (Connections and Conflicts) portfolio website. This domain documents my experience with the course through blog posts, papers, commentaries, and images. You will find the material on this portfolio relates to ideas about visual culture. Although the course explores the theme of “revolution,” several units, lectures, and assignments demonstrated the power of imagery as an outlet of expression for the artist and means of reaction for the audience. In my final research paper, I studied the artistic and cultural values of internet memes through the lens of twentieth-century Dadaism. The “something new” assignments allowed me to explore the relationship between Dadaism and memes; and demonstrate the artistic value of memes. So, instead of simply reading the website, think of it as its own form or representation of visual culture.

Anyway, here are some random things about me, in case you were curious:

  • Hometown: Atlanta, GA
  • Things I miss from home: my dogs, home-cooked food, city vibes, the ability to be barefoot in my house, a normal height bed
  • Things I don’t miss from home: constant traffic, annoying hipsters on electric scooters, boredom, the “unhealthy air quality for sensitive groups” warning
  • My zodiac sign: Sagittarius (did you know: astrology correlates to the Scientific Revolution and intellectuals’ belief that constellations and movements of the stars affect our daily lives)
  • One of my TikToks has 19.3K views, so I’m basically TikTok famous

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